In 1821, Liberator Jose de San Martin founded the Republic of Peru. The birth of the Republic was an ambitious project to unite different ethnicities, languages, cultural beliefs, native tribes and religious groups under one unique nationality.

After having been the center of the Inca Empire and then the axis of Spanish colonialism, Peru encloses a vast, multifaceted and marvelous heritage. Two centuries later, Peru is now an accomplished reality: a progressive nation that welcomes you to discover its beauty.

Peruvians are proud of their homeland. SUMAQ is a collective effort of Peruvians to promote their cultural manifestations.

Our main purpose is to initiate a dialogue with other Peruvians, by providing a channel in which we can exchange ideas, perspectives, and future hopes. That’s one of the ways in which we can fortify one another, by enhancing cooperation in the purest sense of brotherhood. This is just one of the several ways to cultivate national unity.

Peruvian culture is our most intimate treasure. SUMAQ is our way of sharing it with all global citizens.𝔖