SUMAQ: A Peruvian Magazine

Promoting the treasures of Peru

Peruvians have successfully assimilated American culture. We have joined American citizens and other immigrants in commemorating their festivities.

Yet, in our daily routine, a deep longing regurgitates: PERU. As time goes on, some of us may have forgotten our cultural manifestations: particular customs, cities, historical facts, phrases, and even songs from our nation. Our memories of Peru are feeble, and we must not lose them. Those memories are our most intimate treasure. They define us, shape us, and make us stronger. They fortify our Peruvian identity and remind us of the blessings of being Peruvian.



SUMAQ was founded to promote Peruvian culture. Our portal is a collective effort of Peruvians to preserve our cultural manifestations. Our topics will range from history, politics, music, dance, cuisine to daily popular culture and tourism.

SUMAQ will examine the extensive range of our territory. We celebrate the contributions of our indigenous communities, Afro-Peruvians, Sino Peruvians and our Japanese diaspora. In sum, SUMAQ will comprise the entire geographical range of the Peruvian Coast, Andes and the Amazon. After embracing them, we admired PERU in all its multifaceted beauty. A word then came to mind: SUMAQ (Beautiful).

‘Our memories of PERU are our most intimate treasure. They define us, shape us, and make us stronger. They fortify our Peruvian identity and remind us of the blessing of being Peruvian.’

Peruvian-Americans have the duty to participate in the conversation of the issues affecting our nation. We contribute a privileged outsider perspective, essential in a democracy. We don’t claim that our opinion is correct, or more valid than those of Peruvians living in our homeland. On the contrary, as we may see the flaws of our nation, Peruvians in our homeland may also recognize the shortcomings affecting Peruvians overseas.

Our purpose is to engage in dialogue, by providing a channel in which we exchange ideas. That’s one of the ways in which we can fortify and cooperate with one another, in the sense of brotherhood.

We seek to cultivate unity and help our nation to acquire more prestige. During the Inca era, we were the greatest kingdom in the Americas. What is keeping us from reaching it again?

SUMAQ will provide a critical perspective, holding the conviction that Peru may eventually grasp its true potential.

Our final objective is to unite not only Peruvians in the United States, but also Peruvians all over the world. PERU is our treasure. And this is our humble contribution and our token to honor such enormous privilege.

We welcome your visit and hope you enjoy the articles of SUMAQ.𝔖

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